3 Ways To Get A Smaller Waist

Do you dream of having a smaller waist, but can’t seem to get the results you want. Try adding these 3 things to your routine.

Build Those Back Muscles:

You’re probably thinking what does my back have to do with having a slimmer waist. Since your back is a large muscle group, by working those muscles will help broaden your back, giving you the illusion of a smaller waist. This can simply be achieved through proper weight training.

Cardio: Add cardio to your fitness routine. We all know abdominal fat is unhealthy fat. Doing abs all day long won’t get you the stomach you want. By including cardio to your workout, you begin to burn calories and shed fat.

Avoid Process Food:

Process food contains a lot of artificial ingredients. They are loaded with a ton of sugar, fat and salt. Examples of process foods would be packaged meats, carbonated drinks, candy, frozen & canned foods. By eating a more organic diet, you cut out a lot of the artificial ingredients that can lead to weight gain.

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