Are you drinking enough water?

Water, something we all know we need but do we consume adequate amounts on a daily basis? Water is proven to be one of the most important things our body needs in order to function properly. Water makes up 60% of our entire body weight. Failure to consume the proper amount of water on a daily basis can lead to many health issues.

Here are 3 important reasons why drinking an adequate amount of water is so important in

maintaining a healthy and functioning body.

  1. Water aids in healthy weight loss. Drinking water is the perfect way to feel full without adding extra, unnecessary calories to your diet. Did you know that drinking a glass of water before every meal will help you from overeating and feeling hungry after each meal? 

  2. Water aid in digestion. Drinking plenty of water helps relief constipation and other abdominal issues. It is also great in detoxifying the body of unwanted and harmful toxins. 

  3. Water aids in hydrating your skin and muscles. Water is great in slowing down the aging process and the development of wrinkles within the skin. Water is also crucial to muscle growth. Having properly hydrated muscles helps move nutrients throughout the body, which is essential for a properly functioning system.

It is recommended that an individual consumes eight glasses of water per day. However, water consumption varies from individual to individual. Those who work out often, work outdoors in the heat, or have various medical issues should be consuming more water than usual. 

Remember, the key to a healthy and functioning body is WATER! Drinking adequate amounts of water daily can make a difference in how you feel.

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