Coping with Muscle Soreness


Hydration is a crucial part of working out. It is important to consume water throughout the day; prior to your workouts and especially after your workouts. Water plays a huge role in reducing any muscle cramps as well as any muscle soreness you may experience following a workout.

Use Correct Form:

It is extremely important that the correct form is used at all time during your workout. Not only will correct form reduce your chances of developing an injury, it can also reduce the amount of muscle soreness you may feel afterwards.


Ice is a great way to reduce inflammation. Ice also acts as a numbing agent, providing temporary relief.


Applied heat is a great way to speed up the healing process. Heat helps provide increased blood flow to the affected area.


Ensuring your body is getting an adequate amount of sleep is important to one's recovery. It allows the muscles to heal and repair itself from injury as well as soreness.

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