What To Look For When Hiring A Trainer

Ever thought about hiring a Personal Trainer to help you achieve your goals. Here are a few things to think about before paying a trainer for their services.

Education: Make sure your trainer is DEGREED! It is very important when hiring a trainer that you investigate their educational background. Hiring a trainer with a Kinesiology/Exercise Science related degree is very important. Unfortunately, having a Personal Training Certification isn’t enough. This is due to the fact that anyone who is 18 years old with a CPR certification can simply walk into the testing center, take the exam, pass it and walk out the same day and begin training clients. Having a Personal Training Certification does not mean an individual is qualified to train.

Who are they certified through?

Knowing the company your trainer is certified through is just as important as knowing their educational background. There are many personal trainer certification programs available to the public. Anyone can write a certification program, take an individual through the program, require them to pass an exam and consider them certified. With that being said, personal training courses are very unregulated. When hiring a trainer, you want to make sure they’re certified through a Nationally Accredited Program such as ACE or NASM.

Are they focused on selling products?

Avoid the trainer who is focused on selling you products. A great trainer will take you through the process of achieving your goals through proper exercise and a healthy diet consisting of real foods. You don’t need additional supplements to get the results you’re trying to achieve.

Trainer’s Appearance:

Picking a trainer based on their physical appearance can be a tricky thing and something you want to avoid doing. Now, this is not to say hire a trainer who appears to be completely out of shape. But do understand, if you’re looking to bulk up, hiring a totally “ripped” trainer doesn’t mean you’ll achieve that look. The way an individual’s body looks is highly dependent on their genetics. Therefore, you want to focus more on what the trainer can offer you and how they can get you to where you need/want to be.

Remember, hiring a trainer is like buying a house. When buying a home you look at every aspect of the home; the location, the number of rooms, the flooring, is it kid friendly, etc. Be picky about your trainers. You’re paying for a luxury service and you deserve the results you want!

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